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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions for TELUS EPP


What exactly is TELUS EPP?
The TELUS Employee Purchase Program provides exclusive discounts on smartphones and cell phone rate plans with unlimited data to employees at organizations with TELUS corporate contracts.

As an employee, how can I tell whether my company has a TELUS agreement?
This program is available to many businesses and organizations. To find out if your company has an EPP agreement with TELUS, contact our sales team by phone, email, or chat.

What types of benefits might I expect from an EPP program?
Employees who qualify will receive special phone deals and savings on TELUS mobile plans. We also have unique TV, Internet and Home Security deals for corporate employees.

Is it possible for an employee’s family to receive a discount?
Yes, family members on your account will have all the benefits and savings.

How long does my EPP discount last?
Your discount will be ongoing until you decide to make a change to your account, ie: You want to upgrade your phone again.  In this case, you will need to re-verify your employment to continue enjoying the discounts.  Our 2-year Home services discounts last for 24 months.

Are there additional discounts for EPP accounts?
Yes, besides the cell phone and home services, you may also receive additional discounts for connected devices, such as Smartwatch and Tablet plans

What proof of employment do I require?
The company email is the best and easiest.  If your employer does not provide you with an email address, you can also verify employment with a recent pay stub, Employee badge, etc.

Does the EPP discount apply to all devices?
Yes, the EPP discounts are available for all brands of Smartphones.  As with all offers, pricing will fluctuate.

What if the company I work for is not a TELUS Epp partner?
We have numerous rich offers for Business and Personal clients, especially for those who are bundled with TELUS Mobility and TELUS Home services.  Please inquire with us.

How can I receive additional information for my employees if my organization has a TELUS EPP agreement?
Our team would gladly assist you in providing more information on TELUS Exclusive Partner Program EPP. Please fill out the form below, or you may phone, email, or chat with us.


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